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Monday, December 31, 2007

my last wedding of the year =) and why i've been missing for the last two months

hello my dearest readers =)

it's been a long time and boy have i got a lot to say! i miss you all!

it's been a busy two months for me getting wedding albums and proofing ready for the christmas rush while at the same time still shooting weddings nearly every weekend! i'm totally bushed!

i was able to meet all of my goals with the exception of a few albums wich were not available. all in all i think i put together about 36 albums or so and edited about 10 weddings since the last blog entry. i know i cleaned out my album supplier's inventory =)

my christmas was fun =) i was let back into the kitchen again and this time i made my famous meatloaf to go with the christmas turkey! personally i like my meatloaf better than the turkey =) i spent my christmas with my family and we played nintendo wii all night long =) (i am the current wii tennis champ by the way =) )

so the year is wrapping up, and although i didn't keep up and blog about every wedding i shot. i thought i should at least post the very last wedding of the year. i wanted to end 2007 with a spectacular wedding and my prayers were answered with erin and stu =)

erin and stu are big boston red socks fans! the super cute couple got married on saturday the 29th down in newport beach. here are some of my favorite pictures =)

we set the lovely couple up to see each other for the first time on camera, and the rest...pretty much fell into place.

most of the pictures were taken at the lovely balboa inn down in newport beach

as you can see...there were some great places to work with, and i would love to shoot there again one day.

this is my favorite shot of the entire day!

and since it's my last wedding of the year. i thought i'd make my wedding crasher cameo =)
i think this will be my last blog of the year!
i resolve in the new year to keep up with my work load as best as i can. to challenge myself to create new and hip images. to constantly change and adapt for the better. to keep in touch with my dearest friends and loved ones. to get back into shape and ofcourse to sleep more =) !
i wish everybody wonderful new year! may this year be much better than the last and may we all live, love and laugh like children =)
happy new year everybody!!!!