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Saturday, May 31, 2008

e-mail problems

hello readers,

it has been especially quite for the last few days on the e-mail front. in fact...i haven't gotten one since the 27th. which leads me to believe that i'm having e-mail problems! normally i will get around 10-15 or more per day, and for me to not have any for 4 days in a row is really suspicious!

so i decided to test it out...and lo and behold...i'm not getting any new mail. rest assured i will get to the end of this and find out where all my missing e-mails have gone.

so if anybody tried sending me an e-mail between may 27 till today. please be patient. i will send you a reply as soon as i finally get it in my mailbox. if you need to reach me immediately, please call me. or you can try my temporary e-mail address

i'm sorry for the inconvenience and for the fact that i didn't catch it sooner. i will find out whats going on and hopefully get back in touch with you shortly.


***ps - this also includes any voicemails left to me during this period of time as I have it all transcribed and then e-mailed to me. sorry for the huge mess =(

Thursday, May 29, 2008

my dearest dolce kelly

hello readers,

on sunday i took pictures of my dearest friend kelly. she's a professional pianist and she's leaving for new york to get her doctorate.
she's simply awesome on a piano, and i had the good fortune of listening to her rendition of the "super mario brothers" theme complete with coin sounds =)
my photography is…for lack of a better word…very personal to me.
as the viewer, you are in essence seeing what i see in my mind and experiencing the emotions that i feel in a particular moment in time.
my images therefore are my impressions manifest into reality
they hold all the ebb and flow of my moods along with the intimate connection that i felt with my subject at that moment in time.
so you see, each photograph i take is a piece of myself.

i don’t think she knows it…but kelly is very special to me!

i’ll miss her a whole lot, but I wish her well in new york.


got my @$$ kicked by some young punks!

hellooo my dearest readers,

here is part two of my awesome sunday shoot!

my three couples actually changed into "punk" style clothing for the second half of the photoshoot.

yes...these are the punks who beat me up =)
as you can see...they have no regard for public decency =)
these "bad girls" were pretty abusive to thier "boy toys" too!
the boys knew their places =)
and they were treated well...for the most part.
but these girls were ready to dish out some discipline if they stepped out of line.
and i was no exception. i got caught staring so they grabbed me and layed a smackdown.
so yeah...these are the punks who kicked my @$$

spud =)

triple engagement shoot at disney =)

hello dearest readers,

so after my awesome wedding on saturday, my sunday was an aweful lot of fun too!

i went into disnyland and shot three engagements! yes THREE engagements in a row.

the first couple is george and cindy. george is a friend of mine from high school.
we had a lot of fun on mainstreet with the people walking around us the whole time.
couple number two is alicia and ted. they're friends of george and cindy and they're just so adorable too!
we opted to take our pictures in toontown and halfway through, minny and goofy showed up. i think ted's a little jealous of goofy. i mean...he is taller =)
finally we have jack and jennifer. jack is george's twin brother...and pretty much there to confuse me a whole lot =)
we had some good clean fun =)
...but wait! there's a part TWO of this photoshoot that you have to see to believe =)
coming up next!


laura and jim

hello readers,

i had so much fun this past weekend. here is one of my favorite shoots ever.

laura, my friend from college got married to jim. and i was very fortunate to be thier photographer.

laura and i actually took photography classes together back in college. she's also a wedding photographer like myself and has a company named elle photography.

as you can see, jim and laura are super cute together and were so laid back and easy to work with.

i told laura that i loved shooting photographers' weddings 'cause it was just so much fun =) i love what i do, and my clients.

laura's dad lent us his old caddy for some pictures.

yes...the bride wore red shoes! how awesome is that?

since it was my friend's wedding, i thought i would relax a bit and have a cup cake. my friend tammie came along for the day and took this picture of me pigging out.

and here it signiture shot =) i've been practicing quite a lot to make this shot just right and i'm so happy it finally worked at laura and jim's wedding.

laura and jim are in cancun as we speak, sipping on magaritas and getting a sun burn =) i'm so happy to be a part of her special day!


catching up on blogging =)

helloooo my dearests,

i've been keeping busy with my shooting lately but haven't had a chance to update my blog yet. so i thought i would do some catch up and show a few images of what i've shot a few weeks ago and try and catch up on the postings =)

a few weeks ago i had a couple of engagements along with a couple of weddings.

the first engagement i had was leslie and jon

we took the subway in old town pasadena for some awesome shots.

next we took patrick and linh around old town for thier engagement.

we thought we would do a book theme since they met each other in school. so we sneaked into a barns and noble bookstore and took these images.

i also shot with my friend april at cari and robert's wedding down in the los angeles equestrian center.
i thought i would experiment a little bit with one of the functions on my point and shoot camera.

i love the way the images came out on it.

finally i shot with my friend andrija at the world famous mission inn at odie and kim's wedding.

there were so many awesome spots to shoot at the hotel.

and i had an opportunity to use my fisheye lens in new and fun ways.

so that should be it for now...i believe i'm caught up till this last weekend. i still have a whole bunch to blog about as it's been an awefully full weekend of shooting. i shot a wedding of one of my close friends, a triple engagement, a punk rock photoshoot, and finally a shoot with my friend kelly.

hope you all like it..
i will post more real soon!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

trisha and steven @ ranchoooooooooo las lomas =)

hello dearest readers,

oh boy...i had a wonderful wedding today =)

i got to shoot at the awesome rancho las lomas. (if you don't know, it's disneyland for us wedding photographers)

i first met trisha and steven 3 years ago at steven's sister rosalie's wedding =) it was really great seeing familiar faces again.

today my friends tagged along and shot with me =) normally i shoot alone, but it's honestly really nice to have friends around to help me shoot. i want to express my gratitude to rowena curtis, patrice gaspard-nelson, and tammie kim kimura. i think i would've had a really hard time without them. plus they got some awesome shots =)

as you can see...we were able to get some awesome pics for the lovely couple. they were such troopers all day long, trudging up dirt paths and teasing white tigers with me.

the warm sandy beaches of bali await the couple now.

i'm really pooped... but it was all worth it =)
hope you all have a wonderful wonderful mother's day tommorow!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

erica and anibal

helooooo dearest readers,

i have another awesome engagement session to show you! erica and anibal fell in love when they met each other on a road trip.

you might remember seeing erica in some of my pictures before in another wedding. i shot her sister cindy's wedding down in calafia mexico in 2006.

the lovely couple will be getting married at the end of this month. we'll have many great new picture to show you then.

i love this shot =)