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Thursday, May 29, 2008

my dearest dolce kelly

hello readers,

on sunday i took pictures of my dearest friend kelly. she's a professional pianist and she's leaving for new york to get her doctorate.
she's simply awesome on a piano, and i had the good fortune of listening to her rendition of the "super mario brothers" theme complete with coin sounds =)
my photography is…for lack of a better word…very personal to me.
as the viewer, you are in essence seeing what i see in my mind and experiencing the emotions that i feel in a particular moment in time.
my images therefore are my impressions manifest into reality
they hold all the ebb and flow of my moods along with the intimate connection that i felt with my subject at that moment in time.
so you see, each photograph i take is a piece of myself.

i don’t think she knows it…but kelly is very special to me!

i’ll miss her a whole lot, but I wish her well in new york.


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