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Thursday, May 29, 2008

catching up on blogging =)

helloooo my dearests,

i've been keeping busy with my shooting lately but haven't had a chance to update my blog yet. so i thought i would do some catch up and show a few images of what i've shot a few weeks ago and try and catch up on the postings =)

a few weeks ago i had a couple of engagements along with a couple of weddings.

the first engagement i had was leslie and jon

we took the subway in old town pasadena for some awesome shots.

next we took patrick and linh around old town for thier engagement.

we thought we would do a book theme since they met each other in school. so we sneaked into a barns and noble bookstore and took these images.

i also shot with my friend april at cari and robert's wedding down in the los angeles equestrian center.
i thought i would experiment a little bit with one of the functions on my point and shoot camera.

i love the way the images came out on it.

finally i shot with my friend andrija at the world famous mission inn at odie and kim's wedding.

there were so many awesome spots to shoot at the hotel.

and i had an opportunity to use my fisheye lens in new and fun ways.

so that should be it for now...i believe i'm caught up till this last weekend. i still have a whole bunch to blog about as it's been an awefully full weekend of shooting. i shot a wedding of one of my close friends, a triple engagement, a punk rock photoshoot, and finally a shoot with my friend kelly.

hope you all like it..
i will post more real soon!


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