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Sunday, September 30, 2007

two to go =)

hello readers,

i had a wonderful wedding today!

my "hot on rodeo drive" couple, sarah and michael had thier wedding down on the beach in dana point. here's a shot of the super cute couple frollicking on the beach =)

my favorite ring shot =)

here is a shot of the lovely bride sarah

the groom michael transformed the backyard pool into an awesome reception site! he and his friends did all the lighting and decorating. take a look at how amazing it all looks.

i love the lighting on this dancing shot...thought I share it with you.

this groomsman hopped around on one leg all day long. such a trooper! i had the bride and the groom sign his cast =)

mr. and mrs. seavey will be in hawaii tommorow for thier honeymoon! we wish them the best in thier new life together =)

oh boy...i'm exhausted already! but i have one more wedding to go, and i'm super excited about it! my muscle ache will have to wait =)


Saturday, September 29, 2007

one down two to go =)

hello dearest readers,

i had the pleasure to shoot with the world famous "photog-groover" andrija again. she's the "chaz" of wedding crashing! she and her husband curtis are as well as my "mentos."

i wouldn't be crashing weddings if it weren't for the two of them =)

here's a shot of the "photog-groover" in action.

we shot at the beautiful rancho las lomas today! this place is a zoo! seriously =)
as well as being one of the prettiest places to shoot in so cal, this place also has 4 tigers, three zebras, a couple of llamas, two golden retrievers, and a house cat =)

here's a shot of the ceremony from the upper level.
my baby white tiger! all grown up now!
and hungry =)

i love this place!

two more weddings to go! tommorow i'll be shooting on the beach in dana point. i'll be wearing flip flops all day long =) it's gonna be awesome shooting in my bare feet and casual clothes!


Friday, September 28, 2007

good golly! another triple header this weekend!

hello readers,

good golly! i've got another triple header this weekend!

i will be crashing tommorow at the awesome rancho las lomas. it's a venue that's a photographer's dream! i will show you pictures when i get them in =)

and on saturday, i will be crashing sarah and michael's wedding down in dana point.

you remember adorable rodeo drive couple =)

finally, on sunday i will be crashing mimi and david's wedding!

here's a pic of the lovely couple below.

they will also be getting married in dana point, but at the charthouse restaurant

i should just open up shop down in dana point huh =)

wish me luck...and yes...i'll be sleeping in till tuesday again!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the wicked fish of the west =)

hello dearest readers,

as promised...i wanted to show you the new species of fish we discovered on my birthday!

here it is...the wicked fish of the west! =)

you can recognize this new fish by the pointy hat it's wearing. they are of the flying fish variety, so please keep your little dogs away from them =) "green fish eggs rock!"

for my birthday i went to see wicked with my "mentos" andrija from and her friend cindy! we had a great time painting the town green!

i think i ate some bad wicked fish though =)


mooooooooon festival =)

hello readers,

today is the chinese moon festival!

for those of you who are unfamiliar with the tradition, this is the day that the moon is at it's fullest and brightest of the year!

my family celebrates this tradition by sitting out in our backyard, drinking tea, and eating the tradional "moon cake" (a circular pastry filled with sweet red bean paste, or pineapple, or any number of other goodies).

to my family, this holiday is a little more meaningful since it was also my late grandfather's birthday. it's our way of honoring him so to say =)

this is what the moon looked like tonight =)

i really love being able to sit outside with my family and hang out. away from tv's, phones, and all the hub bub of modern life and enjoying each other's company. sitting outside listing to the wind and sipping on light flavorful tea that warms you inside out. it really is solace to me...even if it is only once a year =)

anyways...go and look at the moon! happy moon festival everybody!


erin and stu's engagement =)

hello readers,

i just had a wonderful engagement session with erin and stu.

the adorable couple will be blissfully wed at the end of the year in the laguna beach area.

i had an opportunity to get to know them a little and it seems like they're big boston red sox fans! so for thier engagement session we decided to make them right at home =)
i'm looking forward to thier big day and will ofcourse keep you all posted!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

crashed another wedding with my friend april today =)

hello dearest readers,

i crashed another wedding today. i went with my friend april of and here are some shots we got!

we were at the LDS Temple in Los Angeles.

here is april in action!

ofcourse, the #2 rule of wedding crashing is: "never use your real name" =)

so i'd like you to meet..."may jones" and "michael lee" =)

rule #88:"you're from out of town ALWAYS"

"may" is the daughter of aunt mary and uncle john from know...the one who takes a lot of pictures at the family reunion!

and "michael" is the adopted son of cousin joe and his second wife nancy. they couldn't make it to the wedding from toledo but they send thier love and said that they'd see you at the reunion!

rule#58: "the ferrari is in the shop" =)

well...that's our story...and we're sticking to it =)


Saturday, September 22, 2007

it's raining again!!! =)

hello readers,

it's raining!!! woohoo!!!

i love the rain! rain always makes your senses come alive!

the cool damp air filling your lungs, revitalizing your body and soul. the orchestra of raindrops on your windowsill, lulling you to sleep. the whole world shiny and fresh after all the dirt and grundge gets washed away. and the streets are full of movement and melancholy blues like a living "monet" painting.

see yourself sitting next to a window, wrapped up in a cozy blanket. and as you sip on your hot chocolate you realize it's never tasted sweeter!

so let the rain sweep you away! run around outside like a child without that pesky umbrella. when was the last time a raindrop fell from the heavens and kissed you on the brow? let it bring back childhood memories of a time when you skipped around in the puddles and you hadn't a worry in the world.

that's why i love the rain =)

happy rainy day everybody!

i saw an "Ariachi" =)

hello dearest readers,

i had a funny sighting today! i saw an "ariachi" while i was shopping earlier and i just had to take a picture of him. what's an "ariachi" you might ask? ariachi= asian+mariachi =)

here is a candid picture of him =)

this loveable culture clash was seen at the fry's electronic store in the city of industry. i don't know why he was wearing a mariachi uniform...but i love it! maybe he was part of a mariachi band's cultural exchange program or maybe he was just on his way to a costume party. either way, i salute him =)

i dont know what his name is...but i'm going to call him esteban...esteban lee =)

love you guys!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

i just turned 18 =)

hello dearest reader,

some of you might know that it was my birthday yesterday the 15th. i had a great and relaxing day. did some work through out the day and had a lovely dinner with my family. that was about it.

physically i'm 29, but mentally i'm about 18 lol! we should all be how old we feel right?

i didn't do very much for my birthday. all i wanted was to spend time with my family and that's exactly what i did. i miss my family and my little dog!

this day does force one to think about his/her life and purpose. lately i've been thinking that i've spent way too much time for work. in fact i work around the clock, my phone and E-mail always buzzing next to me, i work till 4am in the morning, and my clients are calling me from 6am in the morning to 11pm in the evening. this is too much for me!

from now on, i'd like to structure my work apart from my life. which means i will focus more when it comes time to work and i will let it all go when it comes time to stop. i need to set aside specific time for business and specific times for being "off." i'm hoping this will set some boundaries for myself and keep me from being overwhelmed with work and anxiety.

life is short enough. as much as i love my clients and my work, i need to have time apart from them in my day. maybe i can finally go on vacation? and this will hopefully keep me refreshed and more able to take care of my clients.

so i'm off to a brand new year. as of right now i've exhisted for 29 years, 18 hours, 9 minutes, and 29 seconds =) and i don't feel a day over 18!


Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm BACK my dearest readers!

hello my dearest readers,

i apologize for being away from my blog for so long. so much has gone on and i plan to fill you in on all of it =)

to sum it up:

-i got my camera back, and it's brand spankin new =)

-shot two awesome weddings in the past weeks.

-discovered a new breed of fish, the "wicked" fish! yes, quite a biological discovery!

-and attended the pictage partner convention for oddballs like me!

i'm psyched up and full of new and gargantuan aspirations for my clients and my business! new changes are comin' and i'm twice baked about it all!!!

i will post follow up blogs for each and every one of these events shortly.

so ya'll come back now!

your favorite potato!