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Saturday, September 29, 2007

one down two to go =)

hello dearest readers,

i had the pleasure to shoot with the world famous "photog-groover" andrija again. she's the "chaz" of wedding crashing! she and her husband curtis are as well as my "mentos."

i wouldn't be crashing weddings if it weren't for the two of them =)

here's a shot of the "photog-groover" in action.

we shot at the beautiful rancho las lomas today! this place is a zoo! seriously =)
as well as being one of the prettiest places to shoot in so cal, this place also has 4 tigers, three zebras, a couple of llamas, two golden retrievers, and a house cat =)

here's a shot of the ceremony from the upper level.
my baby white tiger! all grown up now!
and hungry =)

i love this place!

two more weddings to go! tommorow i'll be shooting on the beach in dana point. i'll be wearing flip flops all day long =) it's gonna be awesome shooting in my bare feet and casual clothes!


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