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Sunday, September 23, 2007

crashed another wedding with my friend april today =)

hello dearest readers,

i crashed another wedding today. i went with my friend april of and here are some shots we got!

we were at the LDS Temple in Los Angeles.

here is april in action!

ofcourse, the #2 rule of wedding crashing is: "never use your real name" =)

so i'd like you to meet..."may jones" and "michael lee" =)

rule #88:"you're from out of town ALWAYS"

"may" is the daughter of aunt mary and uncle john from know...the one who takes a lot of pictures at the family reunion!

and "michael" is the adopted son of cousin joe and his second wife nancy. they couldn't make it to the wedding from toledo but they send thier love and said that they'd see you at the reunion!

rule#58: "the ferrari is in the shop" =)

well...that's our story...and we're sticking to it =)


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