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Monday, December 31, 2007

my last wedding of the year =) and why i've been missing for the last two months

hello my dearest readers =)

it's been a long time and boy have i got a lot to say! i miss you all!

it's been a busy two months for me getting wedding albums and proofing ready for the christmas rush while at the same time still shooting weddings nearly every weekend! i'm totally bushed!

i was able to meet all of my goals with the exception of a few albums wich were not available. all in all i think i put together about 36 albums or so and edited about 10 weddings since the last blog entry. i know i cleaned out my album supplier's inventory =)

my christmas was fun =) i was let back into the kitchen again and this time i made my famous meatloaf to go with the christmas turkey! personally i like my meatloaf better than the turkey =) i spent my christmas with my family and we played nintendo wii all night long =) (i am the current wii tennis champ by the way =) )

so the year is wrapping up, and although i didn't keep up and blog about every wedding i shot. i thought i should at least post the very last wedding of the year. i wanted to end 2007 with a spectacular wedding and my prayers were answered with erin and stu =)

erin and stu are big boston red socks fans! the super cute couple got married on saturday the 29th down in newport beach. here are some of my favorite pictures =)

we set the lovely couple up to see each other for the first time on camera, and the rest...pretty much fell into place.

most of the pictures were taken at the lovely balboa inn down in newport beach

as you can see...there were some great places to work with, and i would love to shoot there again one day.

this is my favorite shot of the entire day!

and since it's my last wedding of the year. i thought i'd make my wedding crasher cameo =)
i think this will be my last blog of the year!
i resolve in the new year to keep up with my work load as best as i can. to challenge myself to create new and hip images. to constantly change and adapt for the better. to keep in touch with my dearest friends and loved ones. to get back into shape and ofcourse to sleep more =) !
i wish everybody wonderful new year! may this year be much better than the last and may we all live, love and laugh like children =)
happy new year everybody!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving, new camera, and some shots of my favorite model =)

hello my dearest readers,

i'm back and it's been so long! a lot has happened since we last spoke. to name a few...i had a bunch of photoshoots and weddings that i will post up as soon as i find some time.

i caught the flu bug that's been going around and the last few weeks have been pretty gnarly! it made me lose my voice and i'm still trying to find it =)

busy season has come full swing! in fact it's probably the busiest time of year for me. i have a total of about 30 albums to make by christmas =) and i've been working extra hard around the clock. as of right now...i'm about half way through. i'm hoping to get everybody everything they want for the hollidays and then...maybe i'll get some sleep LOL!

finally I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! woo hoo =) i go the new canon sd950 and boy is it spiffy!
i've been shooting like crazy since i've got it...i even had to get some pics of my favorite model =) here she is below!

my baby lexy =)

we had her dress up for my fabulous shoot!

here she is in a little pink chinese dress
she's ready for her close up
isn't she the cutest =) my little peking-huahua

i love it when i get a new camera! what better way to get the creative juices flowing right?
i'll definately be shooting with it in my next wedding =)

now tommorow is thanksgiving =) i'll be cooking prime rib for the first time for my family! i'm gonna post some pics from that too =D

hope you all have a wonderful wonderful thanksgiving and take lots of pictures!!!! =)


Monday, November 5, 2007

billy zane's wedding and i invented a super cute shot today!!!

hello my dearest readers,

i had a spectacular day of wedding crashing today!

i went shooting with the "photog-groover" herself andrija from enchanted portraiture and got these awesome shots! but most of all...i invented a new one which you'll see below =)

jenny and jon got married today at the world famous mission inn in riverside!

we think jon looks a whole lot like billy zane the actor =) this is what billy's wedding pictures would look like if we shot his wedding. so we're gonna consider this one a celebrity wedding lol!
jon is a soldier in the army and easily swept jennifer off her feet for these super cool shots!
you gotta love the mission's "disneyland" for us photographers =)
by the way...if you're getting married at such a wonderful location like the mission inn or rancho las lomas and you still need a photographer...give me a call...i would love to shoot in these locations and i'll give you something extra for you wedding package =)
so here's one of the super cute new shots that i invented today. i got bored shooting the same old reception picture. it's neat isn't it =)
i'm soooooo happy. any day that i'm able to invent a new shot is a great day to me =) is in the air =)


Sunday, November 4, 2007

music was in the air - lori and zaid's engagement shoot at the disney concert hall

hello readers =)

i'm back and i had a super cute photoshoot today i wanted to share with you all.

lori and zaid will be exchanging thier vows in december and today we took thier engagement photographs.

we chose the disney concert hall because they wanted a nice contemporary look to thier pictures.

i love shooting in public and on busy city streets! the images are so much more romantic and timeless. it's a just a little "kick" in our normally mundane world.

and the disney concert hall is just out of this world and magical. frank gehry is truly an artistic genious!

look at this picture below! it's my favorite from the shoot.
i love it because the couple adds a soft and romantic element to the shiny and cold steel structure. it's just such a beautiful mish-mash of elements.

and i'm all about mish-mashing ya know? =)


fabulous practice foto shoot!

hello my dearest,

so i had a fabulous shoot with a bunch of my friends on thursday. we thought we would get together and work on our posing skills, so we asked a bunch of voluteers to come by and pose for us in exchange for lots of super awesome pics =) ever been photographed by 6 photographers before???

here are some pics to begin with =)

you see...the way i see it...the day that you stop trying to become better, is also the day you begin to fall behind, and this applies in all aspects of our lives. so that was the point of practicing =) because no matter how good of a photographer you can always be better!

call it evolution...but i've been working very hard to change my style and the way i shoot. how else can one grow and get better? so we had some fun...posing our models on rocks and up on trees =)

we got some fabulous images that day...and i wanted to thank my friend april from april smith photography for finding the models for us. and the original "photog-groover" andrija from enchanted portraiture for all of her guidance to us on this day and through the years.

and of course the models, whom were so much fun to work with. i would mention them by name...but my memory is like an "etch-a-sketch" and i'm all shook up =) and finally, ettiwanda gardens for letting us be all goofy and act a fool like we normally are.
i think we all got a lot out of the shoot...but there's still a lot of work ahead if we're going to keep improving =)

all in was super fun. and we we'll probably definately do this again. next time i will announce ahead of time and ask for any volunteer models for our shoots =)

love you all!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

western style with an asian flare - judy and pat 10-27-07

hello readers,

this was my wedding this past saturday.

judy and pat were referred to me by deborah, a good friend of mine from college. i had shot deborah and her husband jack's wedding as well a few years ago.

it sprinkled rain during the's good luck as they say =)

the couple were busy with details of the wedding until the very last minute.

but once they saw each other for the first time on the wedding day, everything seemed to fall into place.

we got some awesome romantics for them =)

the lovely couple are currently on thier honeymoon in the carribean.
probably sipping drinks on a warm sunny beach as we speak =)


strolling down the streets of pasadena - denise and jose 10-20-07

hello readers,

here's a wedding i did a week ago in pasadena.

denise and jose are avid baseball fans! especially the los angeles dodgers!

i thought we could have some fun with thier hobby so i had them bring some baseball equipment to the wedding =)

we had planned to shoot on the streets of old town pasadena in the daytime but due to some problems at the reception, we had to wait until after the reception to go shoot there.

i must was a better idea to shoot in the evening time.
we specifically wanted the look with people walking around us in public. i think it gives it a particulary timeless look.

the couple should be returning from thier honeymoon in rome, italy soon! hopefully they took lots of pictures to show me =)


spiral ceremony and classic caddy's - ashley and travis 10-7-07

hello readers,

here is one of the five weddings that i haven't had a chance to post yet.
ashley is an event coordinator and her wedding came together like clockwork. i must say...a little bit of organization is definately a welcome change and is much appreciated on my end =)

we had lots of fun and as usual...i try to keep things goofy and light hearted

the ceremony itself was unique! have you ever seen a spiral ceremony?

here is a little foot rub from the loving groom =)

the bride rode into the ceremony on a classic caddy!
we wish mr. and mrs. haines the best of luck in thier new life together!

i want to give a special thanks to my dearest friend april from for coming along and shooting with me.

spud =)