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Monday, November 5, 2007

billy zane's wedding and i invented a super cute shot today!!!

hello my dearest readers,

i had a spectacular day of wedding crashing today!

i went shooting with the "photog-groover" herself andrija from enchanted portraiture and got these awesome shots! but most of all...i invented a new one which you'll see below =)

jenny and jon got married today at the world famous mission inn in riverside!

we think jon looks a whole lot like billy zane the actor =) this is what billy's wedding pictures would look like if we shot his wedding. so we're gonna consider this one a celebrity wedding lol!
jon is a soldier in the army and easily swept jennifer off her feet for these super cool shots!
you gotta love the mission's "disneyland" for us photographers =)
by the way...if you're getting married at such a wonderful location like the mission inn or rancho las lomas and you still need a photographer...give me a call...i would love to shoot in these locations and i'll give you something extra for you wedding package =)
so here's one of the super cute new shots that i invented today. i got bored shooting the same old reception picture. it's neat isn't it =)
i'm soooooo happy. any day that i'm able to invent a new shot is a great day to me =) is in the air =)


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