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Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving, new camera, and some shots of my favorite model =)

hello my dearest readers,

i'm back and it's been so long! a lot has happened since we last spoke. to name a few...i had a bunch of photoshoots and weddings that i will post up as soon as i find some time.

i caught the flu bug that's been going around and the last few weeks have been pretty gnarly! it made me lose my voice and i'm still trying to find it =)

busy season has come full swing! in fact it's probably the busiest time of year for me. i have a total of about 30 albums to make by christmas =) and i've been working extra hard around the clock. as of right now...i'm about half way through. i'm hoping to get everybody everything they want for the hollidays and then...maybe i'll get some sleep LOL!

finally I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! woo hoo =) i go the new canon sd950 and boy is it spiffy!
i've been shooting like crazy since i've got it...i even had to get some pics of my favorite model =) here she is below!

my baby lexy =)

we had her dress up for my fabulous shoot!

here she is in a little pink chinese dress
she's ready for her close up
isn't she the cutest =) my little peking-huahua

i love it when i get a new camera! what better way to get the creative juices flowing right?
i'll definately be shooting with it in my next wedding =)

now tommorow is thanksgiving =) i'll be cooking prime rib for the first time for my family! i'm gonna post some pics from that too =D

hope you all have a wonderful wonderful thanksgiving and take lots of pictures!!!! =)


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