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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i miss my camera =(

my dearest readers,

i had to leave my precious camera at the canon service department today. it'll be undergoing a major heart transplant surgury. but i'm hopeful that after it recovers, it will be as good as the day i brought it home. but unfortunately i'll be without a camera for two weeks!

can't wait to get it back! i'm even thinking about bringing home a brother for him! =)

it's wierd being without a camera! is a photographer still a photographer if he doesn't have a camera? is a fisherman still a fisherman if he doesn't catch any fish? and if a man and a woman are arguing in the woods...and nobody is around to hear he still wrong? seriously!

lol...i'm just tired =) and these silly thoughts are running through my head :D

gotta busy day tommorow! goodnight :)


Monday, August 20, 2007

the two dans =)

hello my dearest readers,
i had a wonderful wedding this past saturday!

yes i know it's already tuesday morning, but i'm still getting used to all this blogging business ;)
danielle and dan got married at the coast hotel in long beach. the ceremony overlooked long beach harbor. it was absolutely beautiful =)
the happy couple will be enjoying thier honeymoon in december.
we wish them the best of luck in the future!
here are some pics =)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Hot" on Rodeo Drive

hello me dear readers,

had a wonderful engagement shoot yesterday!

we got some great shots on rodeo drive with sarah and michael. the cute couple will be getting married on the beach in dana point at the end of september. they met years ago in thier hometown. here are some pics =)

the shoot went great...but unfortunately we were hassled by "the man" =)

well...what else is new when i go out and shoot lol!

security was on us like white on rice!

maybe it was because britney spears was rumored to be shopping at the versace store. there was papparazzi everywhere, and everybody thought i was one too =)

but in the end...i think we got some great shots. i'd never done a shoot on rodeo drive before. in fact i hadn't even been there before.

there were lots of great places to take pictures.

here we have the couple posing next to a million dollar mercedes! now if that isn't a kodak moment i don't know what is =)
only in LA ;)

Monday, August 6, 2007

three weddings in a row completed! woooohoooo =) i'm exhausted!

dear readers,

wow...i just completed my third wedding in a row yesterday. and took me this long to recover =) i'm exhausted and there's not a part of me that doesn't ache. even my finger ache! but...alas, it was well worth it! I have some amazing shots this weekend!

here's just a few from my last wedding...

helly and aaron (aka. homer) celebrated thier union at the world famous wayfarer's chapel in palos verdes. we also had a chance to shoot at the beautiful ritz carlton pasadena thanks to the awesome coordinator cathy chen of

it was an emotional day for the young couple, full of laughter and tears. i had the great fortune of meeting thier friends. and if you can measure a person's quality by the kinds of friends they keep, then they both must be exeptional people =)

they will be on thier way to tahiti shortly for thier honeymoon!

we wish them lot's more joy and happiness in the future!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

two more to go =)

hello readers,

i had the pleasure of photographing brendan and anne today. we took some awesome pictures at the japanese garden on the cal poly pomona campus. here's a look...

hope you like it. i will post more as soon as a get some downtime.
i have just one more wedding to go this weekend...and my goodness am i exhausted already!
but i'm looking forward to my wedding tommorow. i'm shooting at the world famous wayfarer's chapel =) i can't wait!
have a great weekend everybody!
spud =)

one down two to go =)

hello dearest readers,

i had the pleasure of working with che and bobbi today at thier wedding down in palos verdes. we were at the pointe vicente interpretive center overlooking the ocean and the lighthouse.

they met on the internet =), on to be precise!

and they chose august 3rd, 2007 to get wed as a tribute to che's grandparents, whom also got married on the same day!

the loving couple are on thier way down to mexico for thier honeymoon!

it was a true pleasure, and we wish them the best in their new lives together =)

spud =)

Friday, August 3, 2007

triple header this weekend!!!

hello readers =),

i have a triple header this weekend! three weddings in a row!

i'll have lots of work to show you next week...that is...when i finally wake up on tuesday =) with a blister on my trigger finger, i just know it!

one day soon, i'll limit myself to shoot only one wedding per weekend. it really drains me you know? no worries, by this time on monday i'll be able to breath easy again!

wish me luck =)


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My First Entry In My New Blog

my dear readers,

a fresh new page for me to fill =)

i'm excited for this opportunity to share my thoughts and my work with you!

i hope in the near future to find my personal blogging style and share with you my recent thoughts and ventures for your entertainment =)

for now...i leave you with this...

*one of my very favorite shots from my last wedding on 7/28/07.

paline and mikal are enjoying thier honeymoon in sunny hawaii right now... hope they take lots of pictures =)