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Monday, August 6, 2007

three weddings in a row completed! woooohoooo =) i'm exhausted!

dear readers,

wow...i just completed my third wedding in a row yesterday. and took me this long to recover =) i'm exhausted and there's not a part of me that doesn't ache. even my finger ache! but...alas, it was well worth it! I have some amazing shots this weekend!

here's just a few from my last wedding...

helly and aaron (aka. homer) celebrated thier union at the world famous wayfarer's chapel in palos verdes. we also had a chance to shoot at the beautiful ritz carlton pasadena thanks to the awesome coordinator cathy chen of

it was an emotional day for the young couple, full of laughter and tears. i had the great fortune of meeting thier friends. and if you can measure a person's quality by the kinds of friends they keep, then they both must be exeptional people =)

they will be on thier way to tahiti shortly for thier honeymoon!

we wish them lot's more joy and happiness in the future!

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Helly said... are THE most AMAZING photographer in the world!! Aaron and I must have done something very right to have found you. What can I say, we're SO lucky! It was such an emotional day for us, the happiest day in our lives so far. I'm still overwhelmed with how great everything turned out to be. I was sad that the day had to come to an end. But I'm SO glad that you were there to paint it all into memories for us. Words cannot express how much we appreciate you. You are truly extraordinary!!!