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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Hot" on Rodeo Drive

hello me dear readers,

had a wonderful engagement shoot yesterday!

we got some great shots on rodeo drive with sarah and michael. the cute couple will be getting married on the beach in dana point at the end of september. they met years ago in thier hometown. here are some pics =)

the shoot went great...but unfortunately we were hassled by "the man" =)

well...what else is new when i go out and shoot lol!

security was on us like white on rice!

maybe it was because britney spears was rumored to be shopping at the versace store. there was papparazzi everywhere, and everybody thought i was one too =)

but in the end...i think we got some great shots. i'd never done a shoot on rodeo drive before. in fact i hadn't even been there before.

there were lots of great places to take pictures.

here we have the couple posing next to a million dollar mercedes! now if that isn't a kodak moment i don't know what is =)
only in LA ;)

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