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Thursday, August 21, 2008

channel 4 news wedding!!! jane and tusong 8-8-08

hello everybody =)

some of you might know this already...but one of my weddings made it on to the channel 4 news!!!

jane and tusong got married at the almansor court on 8-8-08. and the number 8 is good luck in the asian culture. it stands for wealth and prosperity. and on this august 8th, 2008 there were a lot of weddings!

and the channel 4 news did a feature story on this particular day. they were waiting at the almansor court to film the weddings taking place and jane and tusong's wedding were among the ones being filmed. in was the only wedding they showed =) here is the news clip:

and here are some of my favorite pictures of the lovely couple =)

here's a shot of jane's dress with a teddy bear that her grandmother gave to her

this isn't jane's shoes, but i really liked it with the dress =)

i was able to capture tusong's expression as jane walked down the aisle

jane being escorted by her father

i love this shot of them walking out of the ceremony

some romantics of the couple...i just love the red umbrella

red is also lucky in the asian culture =) it's the color of wealth and royalty!

i like shooting different angles and getting some interesting looks

we kept them cool in the hallways for thier pictures, but luckily we had these nice windows to work with.

here's another one of my favorite shots

and one more to cap off a great day =)

more weddings to come plus my celebrity poker tournament coverage!

spud =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

amy and byron 8-2-08

hello everybody,

i've been shooting a whole lot, but not keeping up with my blogging. i'm going to do my best to get everything up for you to see =)

amy and byron got married on august 2nd at the pic wic gardens out in burbank. i was joined by my good friends tammie and kristina. it's always nice to have somebody shoot with me =)

here are their pics:

we caught up with byron and the boys at the local bowling alley.

they had a fun little game before the craziness of the wedding

amy got ready with her girls while the boys were relaxing at the alley

here's a shot of amy with her beautiful dress

amy had 14 bridesmaids! and the whole wedding party totalled 28 people plus the couple! yikes!

i caught this shot when the officiant called byron "brian" and we had a good laugh.

and amy looked absolutely radient

the couple had a moment after the ceremony and i was able to peek in on them

here's another one of my favorite shots of the day

this is my new take on the traditional "veil" shot. fit three people =)

tammie and kristina were hungry after seeing the beautiful cake =)

and here's my silly mug with amy and byron =)

so...more catch up to be done by me =) including my wedding that made the channel 4 news and my little celebrity poker shoot!


Monday, July 28, 2008

allegra and steven's wedding =)

wow folks,

i had an awesome wedding on saturday. allegra and steven got married yorba linda and had thier reception in the backyard of allegra's parents house.

we had a lot of fun and got some really awesome images! here they are =)

live, love and laugh =) allegra and her bridesmaids had a lot of fun that day. who needs stress huh?

ofcourse...i had to put the bride on a tree =) what else do bride's do on a saturday?

some more of my favorites!

this was the single most beautiful image of the day in my opinnion. dr. barragan got really emotional. it must be the toughest thing in life to marry off your daughter. you can see it in his face how much he loves her.

now THAT'S a veil! at one point we tried to put her whole family underneath it.

mr. and mrs. rineer are on thier way to mexico for thier honeymoon in a few hours at the time of this posting.

i was able to show them thier slideshow before they left =) here it is if you'd like to see it:

spud =)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

yay!!! i figured out how to post big pictures!!! woohoo!

hello all,

i finally figured out how to post big pictures on my website! i've been trying to do this for a long time. here are just a few samples from jay and shana's wedding i shot a few weeks back with my friend patrice

here's another

and one more

hope you guys like it...i will be posting many more big images soon =)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

yes i did have a wedding last weekend =) christie and bill

hello readers,

i did have a wedding this last weekend. i just hadn't had a chance to post anything from it yet =)

christie and bill got married last saturday at the beautiful calamigos ranch in malibu. i'd like to thank the catering manager john from the calamigos ranch, he was very nice and fed me =) i'd also like to thank garden's of the world in thousand oaks and dave ferris and his awesome band.

here are some of my favorite pics from the day =)

here's bill getting punched out by his lovely sister. wow...she's got quite a right cross!

we had some fun in a nearby park and here's a shot of the girls hanging out under the sun =) this is my favorite shot of christie walking down the aisle with her dad.the deck had some gaps in between the wooden planks and caused a whole lot of problems for the ladies wearing high heels. christie stepped in one right when she walked down the aisle. she decided to leave her shoes behind but not before we all had a good laugh =)
christie's mom recited paul's letter to the corintians and i was able to get the couple in the background.
and yes...christie and bill had a picnic too =)
here are some more shots at the garden's of the world.
marianne at the garden's of the world was very accomodating to us. it's always a good idea to get permission to shoot somewhere. as most of you know...i've been kicked out of shooting in many places...including the garden's of the world LOL!
and here's the last shot i got at the calamigos ranch =) i love shooting after all the hoopla of the reception is finished. when all the craziness and stress of the wedding is done...we often get some of the best shots of the day =)christie and bill are on thier honeymoon right now, sippin on pina coladas and vegging around on a sunny beach =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i'm batman!!! =) hahahahaha

hello readers,

i got to see the dark knight in theaters on sunday with my friend linda from lavish creations.

oh boy...i had been waiting for this one to come out for a long long time. as some of you might know...batman is my favorite super hero! some of you might have seen my utility belt at your weddings =)

why is he my favorite super hero?'s because he's smart...and he's a normal person just like you and me. all other super heroes rely on super powers. only batman can get by with his wits. well...being a billionair doesn't hurt either, but that only proves my point...batman is smart!

i used to argue with my best friend in high school about who's the best super hero, superman or batman. in my opinnion...batman can beat superman any day! why? because you know batman will have a handy piece of kryptonite in his belt. and a nice pair of kryptonite bat boots nearby to kick superman's @$$. what's superman without his super powers? just a dumb, broke, normal guy who can't ask a girl out.

but aside from batman, i've always liked dark villains. villains like the ice queen from narnia, the only villain i know of that's ever stabbed a kid. she even showed up to battle wearing aslan's fur after she murdured him. or benicio del toro as jacky boy in sin city and also that irish dude who liked bombs. some of the other classic villains i like are cyrus the virus in con air, caster troy in face off, or captain dudley smith in la confidential. a good villain is essential to the dichotomy of a story.

all the past jokers were watered down and too PG for my taste. jack nicholson's joker was very good, but still wasn't crazy enough. i like my villains to be ruthless and without any logic or constraints of society. and heath ledger's performance simply took the cake. he is hands down the best villain in the history of villains. and there's talks about him winning an oscar...i really hope he does...because he deserves it. he really made the movie and it should've been called "the clown prince of crime" instead of the dark knight.

it saddens me that this performance will never be done again. i was a fan of heath ledger since "10 things i hate about you", but never so much as after i watched this movie. sadly we will never know what heights he could've reached...he will be missed.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008 look =)

hello readers,

so i figured out how to modify my blog today and as you can's completely different =)

i love making and creating things. i'm usually most focused when i'm making something, and any other time i'm the poster child for attention deficit disorder. be it an image or a blog or a handmade album...a labor of love is no labor at all.

i hope you all like it. i'm not a web designer by any means and there's still a whole bunch i can learn, but it's not bad for the first time right?

i plan on putting up a larger gallery later on, maybe adding some music in the background and adding some extra elements to make it a bit more interesting to look at.

i'm so tired...gonna go get some sleep.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

daytrip to mexico =) and lobsters!

oh boy folks,

i need a break! been shooting and working non stop for a long long time now. so i thought i'd take a day trip down to mexico with my parents to eat some lobster today =)

not that we like lobsters very much...but that was the point of the trip. i thought i'd show you some pictures i took from the various trips i took south of the border.

some of you old school people might recognize this one. this was on one of my business cards years ago and it's from a wedding i took down in las rocas.
on another trip a while ago...we all went down to have lobsters again...and i took these three images. i thought that they looked very cool together...i was trying to be "artsy fartsy" or i just had some bad lobster =)
here's a picture of my dad holding a lobster =) it wasn't taken in mexico but i thought it was appropriate. but nothing puts a smile on my dad's face better than a big juicy lobster. he and i used to go lobster fishing when i was younger ( errr...lobster poaching to be more exact). and there was a time in my childhood when we had lobster for dinner every evening.
so i will try and post up some more pics of my trip for you to see once i'm back. i'm looking forward to some time off...even if it's just a day =)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

trash the dress shoot!!!! yeeeaaaaaaaaahhhh =)

hello readers,

oh my goodness! i had such an awesome shoot today =)

i was able to throw up a quick slideshow. take a look:

we trashed a perfectly good wedding dress...and we did it in style!

harmony was such a trooper and we got some awesome shots on this abandoned railroad.
i don't want to hear any bride complain about a stain on thier dresses anymore.
we found an abandoned couch and got this shot with harmony and the twins peter and chris. (both professional hockey players on the las vegas wranglers)
how cool is that? an awesome dress trashed, beautiful bride, and twins to work with!!! somebody pinch me =)
i love this shot of harmony...the boys kept honking as they drove by =)

i wanted to thank my friend april and her two adorable boys tyler and camron! the boys helped us decorate harmony's dress. they left little handprints for you to find.

i want more of these any of you brides out there who have already had their me up and lets get trashing! this is just a teaser! i'm gonna post more pictures of this shoot along with how we "trashed" the dress later on! come back to see more =)