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Thursday, July 24, 2008

yes i did have a wedding last weekend =) christie and bill

hello readers,

i did have a wedding this last weekend. i just hadn't had a chance to post anything from it yet =)

christie and bill got married last saturday at the beautiful calamigos ranch in malibu. i'd like to thank the catering manager john from the calamigos ranch, he was very nice and fed me =) i'd also like to thank garden's of the world in thousand oaks and dave ferris and his awesome band.

here are some of my favorite pics from the day =)

here's bill getting punched out by his lovely sister. wow...she's got quite a right cross!

we had some fun in a nearby park and here's a shot of the girls hanging out under the sun =) this is my favorite shot of christie walking down the aisle with her dad.the deck had some gaps in between the wooden planks and caused a whole lot of problems for the ladies wearing high heels. christie stepped in one right when she walked down the aisle. she decided to leave her shoes behind but not before we all had a good laugh =)
christie's mom recited paul's letter to the corintians and i was able to get the couple in the background.
and yes...christie and bill had a picnic too =)
here are some more shots at the garden's of the world.
marianne at the garden's of the world was very accomodating to us. it's always a good idea to get permission to shoot somewhere. as most of you know...i've been kicked out of shooting in many places...including the garden's of the world LOL!
and here's the last shot i got at the calamigos ranch =) i love shooting after all the hoopla of the reception is finished. when all the craziness and stress of the wedding is done...we often get some of the best shots of the day =)christie and bill are on thier honeymoon right now, sippin on pina coladas and vegging around on a sunny beach =)

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