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Sunday, July 13, 2008

daytrip to mexico =) and lobsters!

oh boy folks,

i need a break! been shooting and working non stop for a long long time now. so i thought i'd take a day trip down to mexico with my parents to eat some lobster today =)

not that we like lobsters very much...but that was the point of the trip. i thought i'd show you some pictures i took from the various trips i took south of the border.

some of you old school people might recognize this one. this was on one of my business cards years ago and it's from a wedding i took down in las rocas.
on another trip a while ago...we all went down to have lobsters again...and i took these three images. i thought that they looked very cool together...i was trying to be "artsy fartsy" or i just had some bad lobster =)
here's a picture of my dad holding a lobster =) it wasn't taken in mexico but i thought it was appropriate. but nothing puts a smile on my dad's face better than a big juicy lobster. he and i used to go lobster fishing when i was younger ( errr...lobster poaching to be more exact). and there was a time in my childhood when we had lobster for dinner every evening.
so i will try and post up some more pics of my trip for you to see once i'm back. i'm looking forward to some time off...even if it's just a day =)


CocoChris said...

awwwww...JO JO is soooo cute. He's the him!

CocoChris said...

Awwwww...I love JO JO, he is the best! Sooo cute!