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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i'm batman!!! =) hahahahaha

hello readers,

i got to see the dark knight in theaters on sunday with my friend linda from lavish creations.

oh boy...i had been waiting for this one to come out for a long long time. as some of you might know...batman is my favorite super hero! some of you might have seen my utility belt at your weddings =)

why is he my favorite super hero?'s because he's smart...and he's a normal person just like you and me. all other super heroes rely on super powers. only batman can get by with his wits. well...being a billionair doesn't hurt either, but that only proves my point...batman is smart!

i used to argue with my best friend in high school about who's the best super hero, superman or batman. in my opinnion...batman can beat superman any day! why? because you know batman will have a handy piece of kryptonite in his belt. and a nice pair of kryptonite bat boots nearby to kick superman's @$$. what's superman without his super powers? just a dumb, broke, normal guy who can't ask a girl out.

but aside from batman, i've always liked dark villains. villains like the ice queen from narnia, the only villain i know of that's ever stabbed a kid. she even showed up to battle wearing aslan's fur after she murdured him. or benicio del toro as jacky boy in sin city and also that irish dude who liked bombs. some of the other classic villains i like are cyrus the virus in con air, caster troy in face off, or captain dudley smith in la confidential. a good villain is essential to the dichotomy of a story.

all the past jokers were watered down and too PG for my taste. jack nicholson's joker was very good, but still wasn't crazy enough. i like my villains to be ruthless and without any logic or constraints of society. and heath ledger's performance simply took the cake. he is hands down the best villain in the history of villains. and there's talks about him winning an oscar...i really hope he does...because he deserves it. he really made the movie and it should've been called "the clown prince of crime" instead of the dark knight.

it saddens me that this performance will never be done again. i was a fan of heath ledger since "10 things i hate about you", but never so much as after i watched this movie. sadly we will never know what heights he could've reached...he will be missed.


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