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Thursday, July 3, 2008

erica and anibal's wedding

hellooo dearest readers,

i know i've been slacking on my blogging lately. i've been so busy shooting and running around that i haven't had very much time to just sit down in front of the computer and work. an effort catch up on my blogging...i'm going to be posting a few past shoots per day until i'm caught up. hopefully i'll catch up by the weekend as i have like 10 different shoots to blog =)

erica and anibal got married on may 31st. i'm very happy to be apart of their special day. as you might have read from one of my past blogs, i shot erica's sister cindy two years ago in mexico. it was so great seeing everybody again and i just absolutely adore thier family!

here are some of my favorite shots =)
the ceremony took place at the historic san gabriel mission. (i remember making models of this mission out of milk cartons when i was in elementary school)
i was able to catch this little moment of joy between the couple during the ceremony. i always try to catch these fleeting moments as best as i can...sometimes it means that i have to sneak around and wait for that perfect moment.

nothing like a little eskimo kiss to steam up an already steamy day ;)

and of course we had to have a picture in front of the beautiful bell tower.

i love the first's full of moments like this one that really shows the emotions of the day.

i want to thank my friend robert for coming along to shoot with me. he's an awesome photographer and quite a bad influence on me! here we are sneaking a taste of the awesome cake.

and yes...i got my boogy on with the bride and the groom =) ....must be a blue moon out tonight!

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