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Friday, July 4, 2008

roxanne and edgar's engagement =)

on the 6th of last month i took some awesome pics of roxanne and edgar =)

here are some of my favorites:

i think i'd like to shoot the ads for tiffany and co. wouldn't that be a fun gig =)
we were at the new shopping center in glendale called the americana or something like that...basically it looked like the grove =) (it was made by the same people)
we were able to catch the cool water show...but i don't think roxanne and edgar saw it though.
edgar's a police officer and roxanne is a teacher. since this is like the third police officer/teacher wedding i've done...i'm wondering if it happens more often than people realize =)
of course i had to do my signiture shot =) with all the sparkly lights and all.
aren't they the cutest couple?

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