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Thursday, June 25, 2009

some interesting specials i'm offering :)

introducing the "mini e" sessions and the "last minute booking" packages :)

-"last minute booking" packages
for those of you who haven't found the right photographer for your wedding, i have the perfect solution for you!

~if your wedding lies within 3 months of our meeting then the basic shooting package (Normally $2350-$2600) is offered to you at $1850.

~if your wedding lies within 2 months of our meeting then the basic shooting package (Normally $2350-$2600) is offered to you at $1700.

~if your wedding lies within 1 months of our meeting then the basic shooting package (Normally $2350-$2600) is offered to you at $1550.

**this offer is of course subject to availability :) And availability does tend to be limited so it's up to your discretion how late you'd like to wait and how much of a deal you'd be willing to hold out for as these prices are for a first come first serve basis only.

-the "mini e" session
this one's a doozy :D

for those of you who are still on the fence about choosing a perfect wedding photographer. i invite you to make an appointment to come in to my studio where i will offer you a FREE mini engagement session (studio and surrounding area only). i will take romantic and fun pictures of each couple for about 15 minutes or so and afterwards i will include all the files that i shoot for you online for you to download.

you'll be under no obligation to sign with me what so ever. this little package offered is completely free of charge and includes the digital files i shoot for you if you come in for a consultation. again, i only ask that it be by appointment only and part of a consultation session :)

so...exciting new products coming your way ;) be sure to take advantage of these silly little deals that i've cooked up, especially the free "mini e" session. look forward to hearing from you soon :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dancing on Water: Nicole and Brian

Nicole Hale and Brian Marsh

Engagement Shoot Date: June 21st, 2009
Wedding Date: August 22nd, 2009
Picture Location 1: Lake Gregory Regional Park
24171 Lake Dr, Crestline, CA 92325

Picture Location 2: San Moritz Lodge
24640 San Moritz Drive, Crestline, CA 92325.

Picture Location 3: Highway 18 (Rim of the World Highway)

Stay tuned for thier wedding in August :)


Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain or Shine: Sana and Roderick Constantino

Sana Sin and Roderick Constantino

Wedding Date: June 20th, 2009
Location: Central Christian Church
5027 New York Ave, La Crescenta, CA 91214
Picture Location: Angeles National Forrest @ Dunsmore Ave

They are currently on thier honeymoon in Hawaii :)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

slight downtime :)

ohhhhh boy friends. i've really fallen off the blog wagon lately ;P i do apologize for that.

i have lots and lots of wonderful shoots to show you as well as awesome summer specials for perspective clients :) i'll be posting them in just a little bit.

i do want to apologize for the slight downtime the website experienced from 12am last evening till about 1pm this afternoon. i'm not the most web savy person and had a little bit of trouble with my domain name registration. but it's all taken care of now :)

i'm excited to be blogging again!

it hasn't been an easy year for me but i'm full of energy and ready to take on my many challenges. there's a lot of new ideas coming ahead :) i'm hoping for the best for the remainder of the year to come.

i hope this message finds everyone well and thriving in a tough tough economy.


Friday, January 9, 2009

E-Mail and Voicemail Problems

hello folks,

i wanted to inform you that in the past week or so my e-mail server went down with out any warning. and i believe that a lot of my e-mails got bounced back to their senders and i never saw any of them. and since my phone's voicemail is transcribed and e-mailed to me, that system is compromised as well.

i do apologize if you've been trying to reach me during this time. i believe that i've fixed the root of the problem but have not been able to retrieve those lost e-mails yet. please feel free to contact me again as everything is working again now =)

thank you for your patience!

on a side note: i know i've fallen of the blog wagon for a while now but i've been so busy for the past few months strait. happy new year everybody! i will get back to my blogging self very soon now!