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Friday, January 9, 2009

E-Mail and Voicemail Problems

hello folks,

i wanted to inform you that in the past week or so my e-mail server went down with out any warning. and i believe that a lot of my e-mails got bounced back to their senders and i never saw any of them. and since my phone's voicemail is transcribed and e-mailed to me, that system is compromised as well.

i do apologize if you've been trying to reach me during this time. i believe that i've fixed the root of the problem but have not been able to retrieve those lost e-mails yet. please feel free to contact me again as everything is working again now =)

thank you for your patience!

on a side note: i know i've fallen of the blog wagon for a while now but i've been so busy for the past few months strait. happy new year everybody! i will get back to my blogging self very soon now!


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