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Thursday, August 21, 2008

channel 4 news wedding!!! jane and tusong 8-8-08

hello everybody =)

some of you might know this already...but one of my weddings made it on to the channel 4 news!!!

jane and tusong got married at the almansor court on 8-8-08. and the number 8 is good luck in the asian culture. it stands for wealth and prosperity. and on this august 8th, 2008 there were a lot of weddings!

and the channel 4 news did a feature story on this particular day. they were waiting at the almansor court to film the weddings taking place and jane and tusong's wedding were among the ones being filmed. in was the only wedding they showed =) here is the news clip:

and here are some of my favorite pictures of the lovely couple =)

here's a shot of jane's dress with a teddy bear that her grandmother gave to her

this isn't jane's shoes, but i really liked it with the dress =)

i was able to capture tusong's expression as jane walked down the aisle

jane being escorted by her father

i love this shot of them walking out of the ceremony

some romantics of the couple...i just love the red umbrella

red is also lucky in the asian culture =) it's the color of wealth and royalty!

i like shooting different angles and getting some interesting looks

we kept them cool in the hallways for thier pictures, but luckily we had these nice windows to work with.

here's another one of my favorite shots

and one more to cap off a great day =)

more weddings to come plus my celebrity poker tournament coverage!

spud =)

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