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Saturday, May 31, 2008

e-mail problems

hello readers,

it has been especially quite for the last few days on the e-mail front. in fact...i haven't gotten one since the 27th. which leads me to believe that i'm having e-mail problems! normally i will get around 10-15 or more per day, and for me to not have any for 4 days in a row is really suspicious!

so i decided to test it out...and lo and behold...i'm not getting any new mail. rest assured i will get to the end of this and find out where all my missing e-mails have gone.

so if anybody tried sending me an e-mail between may 27 till today. please be patient. i will send you a reply as soon as i finally get it in my mailbox. if you need to reach me immediately, please call me. or you can try my temporary e-mail address

i'm sorry for the inconvenience and for the fact that i didn't catch it sooner. i will find out whats going on and hopefully get back in touch with you shortly.


***ps - this also includes any voicemails left to me during this period of time as I have it all transcribed and then e-mailed to me. sorry for the huge mess =(


rowena said...

I know you've been rockin' weddings every weekend, come on, blog 'em!

Professional Wedding Crasher said...

Hahahahaha....I know...I haven't been keeping up with my blogging...gosh...I have like 10 different shoots to catch up on...I will try tough =)

Thanks Ro =)