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Sunday, May 11, 2008

trisha and steven @ ranchoooooooooo las lomas =)

hello dearest readers,

oh boy...i had a wonderful wedding today =)

i got to shoot at the awesome rancho las lomas. (if you don't know, it's disneyland for us wedding photographers)

i first met trisha and steven 3 years ago at steven's sister rosalie's wedding =) it was really great seeing familiar faces again.

today my friends tagged along and shot with me =) normally i shoot alone, but it's honestly really nice to have friends around to help me shoot. i want to express my gratitude to rowena curtis, patrice gaspard-nelson, and tammie kim kimura. i think i would've had a really hard time without them. plus they got some awesome shots =)

as you can see...we were able to get some awesome pics for the lovely couple. they were such troopers all day long, trudging up dirt paths and teasing white tigers with me.

the warm sandy beaches of bali await the couple now.

i'm really pooped... but it was all worth it =)
hope you all have a wonderful wonderful mother's day tommorow!


Trisha said...


Thanks for capturing the magic of our day. The pictures of our wedding are great...more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!! We really enjoyed working with you. :)

with love and gratitude,
Trisha and Steven

Professional Wedding Crasher said...

You guys ROCK! I'm so grateful to be a part of your special day =)