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Thursday, May 29, 2008

triple engagement shoot at disney =)

hello dearest readers,

so after my awesome wedding on saturday, my sunday was an aweful lot of fun too!

i went into disnyland and shot three engagements! yes THREE engagements in a row.

the first couple is george and cindy. george is a friend of mine from high school.
we had a lot of fun on mainstreet with the people walking around us the whole time.
couple number two is alicia and ted. they're friends of george and cindy and they're just so adorable too!
we opted to take our pictures in toontown and halfway through, minny and goofy showed up. i think ted's a little jealous of goofy. i mean...he is taller =)
finally we have jack and jennifer. jack is george's twin brother...and pretty much there to confuse me a whole lot =)
we had some good clean fun =)
...but wait! there's a part TWO of this photoshoot that you have to see to believe =)
coming up next!


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