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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i miss my camera =(

my dearest readers,

i had to leave my precious camera at the canon service department today. it'll be undergoing a major heart transplant surgury. but i'm hopeful that after it recovers, it will be as good as the day i brought it home. but unfortunately i'll be without a camera for two weeks!

can't wait to get it back! i'm even thinking about bringing home a brother for him! =)

it's wierd being without a camera! is a photographer still a photographer if he doesn't have a camera? is a fisherman still a fisherman if he doesn't catch any fish? and if a man and a woman are arguing in the woods...and nobody is around to hear he still wrong? seriously!

lol...i'm just tired =) and these silly thoughts are running through my head :D

gotta busy day tommorow! goodnight :)


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