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Sunday, November 4, 2007

music was in the air - lori and zaid's engagement shoot at the disney concert hall

hello readers =)

i'm back and i had a super cute photoshoot today i wanted to share with you all.

lori and zaid will be exchanging thier vows in december and today we took thier engagement photographs.

we chose the disney concert hall because they wanted a nice contemporary look to thier pictures.

i love shooting in public and on busy city streets! the images are so much more romantic and timeless. it's a just a little "kick" in our normally mundane world.

and the disney concert hall is just out of this world and magical. frank gehry is truly an artistic genious!

look at this picture below! it's my favorite from the shoot.
i love it because the couple adds a soft and romantic element to the shiny and cold steel structure. it's just such a beautiful mish-mash of elements.

and i'm all about mish-mashing ya know? =)


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