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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

strolling down the streets of pasadena - denise and jose 10-20-07

hello readers,

here's a wedding i did a week ago in pasadena.

denise and jose are avid baseball fans! especially the los angeles dodgers!

i thought we could have some fun with thier hobby so i had them bring some baseball equipment to the wedding =)

we had planned to shoot on the streets of old town pasadena in the daytime but due to some problems at the reception, we had to wait until after the reception to go shoot there.

i must was a better idea to shoot in the evening time.
we specifically wanted the look with people walking around us in public. i think it gives it a particulary timeless look.

the couple should be returning from thier honeymoon in rome, italy soon! hopefully they took lots of pictures to show me =)


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