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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

three out of three completed =)

hello readers,

finally got enough rest to put up my third wedding this weekend =)

mimi and david got married at the chart house restaurant down in dana point this sunday!

the sky was clear and blue and we overlooked the entire dana point harbor. really an amazing place!

here is david and his son/ringbearer taking a moment before the big wedding!

a new family portrait for the lovely couple.

here is a shot of mimi's sister. she was the maid of honor at the wedding and rumor has it, she's a famous movie actress in thailand!

the party was amazing and fun. thanks to the man in the next shot!
here is the dj george and his lovely wife marcy. they just got married a few months ago themselves =) i happened to be their photographer too =D
i'm still tired folks!!! but it was all worth it! i was able to capture three beautiful weddings in a row...well worth it to me =)

i want to wish the four lovely couples a long and happy life together =) it's such a blessing to find that one true companion to fill every empty moment of the days in our lives. and i'm also blessed to be a part of this beautiful process!

i love my job!

good night readers =)


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