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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

spiral ceremony and classic caddy's - ashley and travis 10-7-07

hello readers,

here is one of the five weddings that i haven't had a chance to post yet.
ashley is an event coordinator and her wedding came together like clockwork. i must say...a little bit of organization is definately a welcome change and is much appreciated on my end =)

we had lots of fun and as usual...i try to keep things goofy and light hearted

the ceremony itself was unique! have you ever seen a spiral ceremony?

here is a little foot rub from the loving groom =)

the bride rode into the ceremony on a classic caddy!
we wish mr. and mrs. haines the best of luck in thier new life together!

i want to give a special thanks to my dearest friend april from for coming along and shooting with me.

spud =)

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